Thursday, May 10, 2012

Pink Cupcakes for Classroom Consumption

Tuesday, May 8th which in addition to being Miss M's birthday was what I named "Treat Tuesday."  Seriously, if there was an event that day that any of us was attending, we brought treats! Six events meant six treats! Bible Study wrap up meant Cinnamon Rolls, Miss M's homeroom got suckers, FCA got frosted sugar cookies, and her dance class got Nana's Chocolate Rice Krispie Roll Ups. 

Miss A was celebrating her summer birthday with her class so I brought treats up at the end of the day and then brought pretzels and juice boxes to her soccer game that night since she was treat person!  Crazy how much food we delivered to others that day.

Miss A had requested that we bring chocolate cupcakes with pink frosting and sprinkles.  She said the boys in her class would just have to "get over it" if they didnt' like pink.  Thankfullly, the boys decided that a sugar rush trumped any idea that pink was too girly.

We have loved Miss A's first grade class this year.  She's had a great time with some new friends and the teacher is one our favorites!  Maybe this year more than any other I see why people teach first grade as the child you drop off at the beginning of the year is nothing like the child you pick up at the end of the year.  What a year of growth of personality, wisdom, knowledge and tenacity.  Miss A has just blossomed this year.

Can't think of a better way to celebrate this than pink cupcakes with the whole class!

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