Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Teacher Gift Ideas for End of the Year

I stole these great teacher gift ideas from Pinterest including the cute printables for the tags.  I loved the idea that Miss A's teacher had quenched her thirst for knowledge this year!  While the gifts inside didn't completly match the idea given on the site, I did include a gift card to a local coffee shop.  Of course, I also included my famous caramels.

The carmels have taken on their own life at the school.  My favorite secretary at the school (read the "one who knows all") might have handed me a little tin last week and said how sad she was that it was empty. I'd filled it back in December with caramels and she was hoping I was making some more for the end of school.  How could I refuse?

Sadly, I had meant to make the carmels leisurely over the weekend, but let time get away from me.  When I got to school on Monday to volunteer for Field Day, I've never seen a sadder face, poor Mrs C had been dreaming all week of the treat.  Of course, I couldn't let her suffer long and got up bright and early on Tuesday morning to make a fresh batch for teachers at both the elementary and junior high school and a huge amount for my favorite school secretary!

Miss A's teacher told me she had to hide the carmels from her family because they love them so much.  She said her boys begged her to get the recipe and make them for them, but she said it was a secret and she wasn't qualified to receive the instructions!  Guess this means I'll be making an extra huge batch for the teachers on back to school night in the fall.  Can't have unhappy teachers!!

I'm thinking these gift ideas might make a reappearance at Teacher Appreciation time next year; I'm sure the teachers will be "quenching our thirst" next year too!!

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