Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Shopping Trip with Nana

We had a girls' getaway weekend with Nana to the megatropolis of Des Moines which is the home of both the fabulous Jordan Creek Mall and a fabulous Residence Inn with more comforts than our home.  They have a maid! 

The girls did not have school on Monday so we decided to take a quick trip after church to take in a little early birthday shopping for Miss M, enjoy a swim at the pool for Miss A, and maybe let the mother sleep in a little.  It was the perfect amount of time away, just enough for the boys to miss our presence and for us to enjoy just being girls.  I think Nana was surprised at how much shopping us girls can do in a short amount of time. 

We are pros.  Miss M went with the idea that she really wanted some Toms and some Sperry shoes for her birthday.  They are all the style.  Everyone in sixth grade wears them and most have multiple pairs.  She was even willing to part with a little babysitting money she'd earned to acquire these shoes. You could say she had a mission.  Thankfully, Miss M's generous grandmother bought her some fabulous white Sperry's that will really rock this summer.  Miss M and I split the cost of some Red Toms.  Phew.

Miss A, of course, was just looking for a "few things" for summer to jazz up her wardrobe and her room.  In fact while in Justice, she found the one item she had searched her whole life for; let that soak in a little, all seven years shes wanted an "A" Pillow for her bed.  Who knew?  It was as if the world was singing her song that day.  Not only was it there for the taking, it was on sale. Score.

I, of course, did not get to look at one store for women my age.  Meaning over Forever 21.  (which just so happens to be Miss M's favorite store these days!)  But my birthday is just around the corner so there is hope.  But I did get to sleep all by myself in a big comfy bed and I didn't make a meal, clean a dish, or do a stitch of laundry.  I'd call that a vacation. 

We had a fabulous time on our getaway and both girls are really hoping to make this an annual event.  Miss A even suggested that maybe we should go before the start of each new season. A girl can dream can't she?

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