Friday, May 4, 2012

Golf Tournament Stalker

I've had it on my calendar for over a month.  Today was the day of the JV Golf Tournament at Mr C's school's home course.  A nine hole tournament in the afternoon and one that I could attend and take pictures.  My new camera and camera bag have been ready for days.  I'd planned on arriving at about fifteen minutes early, getting a few shots of the team practicing on the driving range, and then I'd just follow Mr C's foursome around for a few holes.

You know that saying; best laid plans of mice and men.  Well, I'm neither mouse or man; thankfully, but the plans they needed a little adjusting.  When I arrived at my scheduled time (or ten minutes earlier than planned), I quickly realized that Mr C and his group had just teed off at the first tee, a full half hour before they were scheduled and that I had no clue how the course was laid out or how to follow them on foot.

Thankfully, the Pro Shop came to rescue and offered me the use of a golf cart to go around the course. I caught up with Mr C and his group at the 2nd Tee Box and, as requested, did not speak a word to the golfers.  I'd been warned that a golfer can't talk to the crowd.  I'm not sure he would have wanted or needed my advice since my golf is a little rusty, but I kept silent anyways!

In fact, the only time Mr C even acknowledged me was when he sunk a huge putt from off the ground for a par on a really long par 5.  It was a great putt and my skillful photography caught all the action until it went into the cup.  Still have a little work to do on the camera skills. 

It was such a treat to watch Mr C doing his most favorite activity.  My husband and Miss A were even able to join me in the cart for a few holes.  Miss A has got the golf clap down pat, and even if she was waving a few times at her favorite golfer, she never once tried to give him pointers on putting or chipping.  She did, of course, suggest to her dad that a treat from the Snack Cart Lady might be nice.

Mr C did not have the round of his life or score his best, but he did have some great shots, a few critical putts, and the smile was on his face the entire time.  He loved every minute.  If I do say so myself, he did have the best cheering crowd. 

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