Thursday, May 3, 2012

May Day Baskets

The girls delivered some May Day Baskets to a few friends.  Of course our neighbors caught them in the act which meant they scored not only baskets from us, but some hugs and a little bit of chatter about our recent trip. 

Nana had found the cutest May Day Basket designs online so she and the girls spent some time in our hotel making them.  They looked so cute.  There is just something about a homemade May Day Basket to bring a little joy to the person. 

We filled them with little treats of dark chocolate kisses, M & M's, and a little bit of chewy fruit candy. 

Miss A and Miss M could hardly wait for the end of school to go take our baskets around the neighborhood.  What a fun old fashioned tradition!

It's May!  Wow..  Summer is really just around the corner.  Now that's a reason to celebrate.

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