Friday, May 11, 2012

Burlap Front Door Design: Flip Flop

Just another day of crafting!  Well at least that's how my friend D and I thought of it.  We'd talked for weeks about making a new flip flop door hanging for spring and with the stars finally aligned. we were able to spend some time making our creations.

Of course, first we had to make a trip to Hobby Lobby for some supplies; burlap, ribbon and some paint.  Thankfully, one of D's neighbors had a real "flip flop screen sign" that we could use to copy the size and design from.  Amazingly, her decor cost $39 and we were able to make all six of ours for under $30. ( The pink and black flip flop is the fancy one we used to cheat) Less if you consider that we needed to replenish our paint supplies so next time we make a sign will be even cheaper.

It's amazing how many flip flops you can make out of just three yards of fabric.  We choose to try both a black version and an orange version. I kept the orange one for myself and gave my black one away to a friend. 

We are getting a little smarter making these; first we cut out the fabric when it's folded so that we get two sides at once the same size.  Next we sew the fabric before painting (at least Miss D sewed for me) and this time we even attached the ribbon tot he fabric by sewing.  We also are outlying the object with paint to give it clear definition.  My friend even figured out how to make swishes instead of dots and her flip flops look even more dimensional.

After the paint dried, I then filled the flip flop with garbage bags (the black ones for the black fabric) and clear grocery sacks for the orange flop. 

It looks adorable on the door and I'm loving how summery my front door area looks when visitors arrive; I'm already thinking of 4th of July decoration that I want to make.  I think this fall we might even go into business and make a few extra fall decorations that we can sell to friends.  Who knows we might even try the screen version instead of the burlap!

All in all it was a really fun afternoon of crafting and conversation! 

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Hope Williams,s said...

Can you send me a tutorial on how to make these?