Tuesday, May 15, 2012

First Grade Field Day and Fly Up

I think this might have been the "nicest" weather day ever for Field Day at Miss A's school.  In all the years I've been attending, I can't remember a better day to run, skip and jump outside with friends.  This year, I got smart.  Not only did I bring a picnic lunch for Miss A and Jimmy John's for P and I, I even brought a blanket to sit on the blacktop.  Let's just say that made Miss A very popular with her friends.

After nearly ten years of volunteering to help with Field Day, I've finaly gotten smart.  I took the Water Relay game which meant I was under the pavillion for part of my two hour shift. Score!  Seniority has it's perks.  The location also gave me a perfect view of about half a dozen other games so I could watch Miss A having a blast. 

Miss A's funniest comment of the whole day was when we were driving to school in the morning and she told me this was a great day already since she finally got to wear athletic shorts to school. They were almost shorty mc-short shorts too!  This girl cracks me up.

After a few hours at home to shower, rest and regroup, it was back to school for the Brownie Bridging Ceremony.  Wow, these two years as a Daisy have really flown by!  Miss A and her troop were so excited for the evening.  All the girls were dressed up, excited for the adventures that await them in Brownies, and thrilled to "walk over the bridge." 

Of course, after a very short ceremony outside in the Butterfly Garden, it was time to go inside for Brownie Sundaes.  In a seven year old's life, can it get any better?  What a great kickoff to the end of the year festivities.

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