Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Last Day of School: Take One

Friday was the final day of school for the girls.  Poor Miss M!  Now that she's "alone" at the junior high (with the 7:40 a.m. start time), we didn't get to go out for donuts first.  The past few years we've had a small crew with Mr C and Miss M along with a few friends, but this year most of the Jr High crew wanted to sleep in. Plus, Mr C had to be at school at 7:45 and dad was the driver so it just didn't give us enough time.  I've promised M that we will have a donut day for M and C early this summer!

Miss A, after a super hectic week, slept until almost eight, meaning we rushed to our Donut Date with friends from school. Thankfully, she had picked out her clothes the night before and I'd already made her lunch.  No way was she eating chef surprise!

It was a great morning; traditional picture on the porch and backpack picture on the wall.  Miss A was most thrilled that it would be her final day wearing the backpack (according to our two year rule-she gets a new one this fall).  Gotta love how she remembers the "rules."  Now, we just have to convince her get the Eddie Bauer Lifetime Backpack that we never have to replace.  Somehow, I think she's thinking more cartoon or girly girl design!

Miss A was a little sad to say goodbye to her first grade teacher and buddies and so were her parents.  Thankfully, Miss A was invited to a fun Bounce House Party after school so for Miss A the fun continued into the evening and her parents and Miss M got to party too!

It's almost summer for our family!  Poor Mr C had a long weekend of studying for finals ahead.

 Miss M at Honors Night.  A 4.0 is something to celebrate!  We are so proud of this young lady. Of course, Miss A had to be a part of the picture.

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