Saturday, August 18, 2012

Summer Zoo Trip and World's Best Burger Competition

Before summer got away from us, it was off to the Zoo for the day so we could check out the new Aquarium and see every animal our heart desired.  Mr C and few of his friends joined us for the day, but in truth we didn't see them much after our visit to the Jungle.  However, they did make a grand appearnce when it was time for lunch.  You can count of teenage boys to show up in time for the food.

We did really enjoy the aquarium and the new "touch tank" that allowed the girls to feel the eel and other aquatic life.  I stood a safe distance away and took photos.  I'm not what you would call an animal lover.
The best part of the trip to the Zoo was the Skyfari Ride.  In visits past, the girls have been too nervous to ride saying that they would never go up that high in the air.  Guess that a visit to Colorado and riding the chair lift made a big impact on them as they viewed the Skyfari ride as super easy .  Yeah!

Plus, it was  great way to catch a ride across the Zoo and see some animals from a safe distance!  It had been a long time since we'd gone to the Pachyderm Hill or visited the hoofed animals.  You could say it was a new experience for all of us.  Too bad Mr C and his friends missed out on the fun.

A few more hours of lions, tigers, polar bears and we were ready to meet up with the boys and head to lunch.  Amazingly, the minute we arrived at the burger joint the heavens opened up and we had a brief summer shower.  Seeing the rain was a miracles itself, but who could believe our perfect timing.

Now I will say that I'm not a burger aficionado and that my allegiance lies with a certain little burger joint I used to go with my grandparents, but this place wasn't too bad.  It claims to have the best burger and the local paper had recently rated it tops, but I'd say the atmosphere was a little too "burger dive" for me and a little more of a bar feel than I like.  The boys however were in seventh heaven.

According to Mr C's friend, the burger the boys had is considered " the entire farm" as it has all the animals represented; the cow (hamburger) the chicken (fried egg) and the pig (ham and bacon) and is thus the world's perfect food.  I'm more your "keep it simple" burger lover and just had the cow with a few of his vegetable friends on top (lettuce, pickle and tomato) which is just the way I love it!

Now that we accomplished another bucket item list and have stared a new list for our "best burger," we have a few more dives in town to hit this fall! I'm what you call a girl with a plan, and now I have three teenage boys who have bought into the plan  and a husband who really wants to join us too!

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