Sunday, August 12, 2012

Copper Mountain- Take Two

Our morning in Copper was filled with water, speed and fun and our afternoon was more soaring heights and conquering fears.  By the end of the day, our crew had survived a trip on a chairlift to the top of the mountain (well not really, but they weren't willing to go any higher!) scaled a rock wall and Miss A had jumped her way high into the sky!

Until this trip, our adventures with rock climbing were mostly in the sandy bottom of the lake where you "skipped" over rocks to swim or skipped them across the still lake top.  Mr C shocked both of his parents when he went right to the most difficult side of the "mountain" and made it nearly to the top.  The only thing that stopped him was his size 13 foot.  It's a little tough to get that big of a shoe into a little hole.  He even had a crowd cheering him on! Seriously, it was amazing.  Guess that the church camp experience is really paying off in terms of fears and determination.  If only the Boy Scouts could see him now!

Miss A and Miss M wisely choose to stay on the more gentle side of the rock wall and made a valiant effort to climb.  Miss A said she was getting too nervous and kept losing her grip.  Miss M said she wasn't really into the whole climbing thing.  She wasn't thrilled to be going, but was more nervous about having to come down.  I'm just proud of them for even trying.

While Miss M and Mr C and P tried another round of golf, Miss A and I stood in line forever for the  bungee trampoline.  She was determined that she could "do this" and with sheer determination she did! Watching her soar through the air right up next to the slopes, I couldn't help but think that next she needs to try downhill skiing which is a little like gilding across the snow and soaring on land.  Miss A said the only problem was that she wasn't heavy enough to get herself down from the harness each time to reach the trampoline and a few times she was just swinging along in the sky!

Finally, at the end of the day, I convinced the gang that ridding a chair lift would not result in death. At least they were willing to humor me, but they weren't really sure I knew what I was talking about.  Miss M joined me on the chair and then Mr C and Miss A were with P.  I think our "chair" enjoyed the trip up much more than theirs did. We had our eyes open and were looking around.  Can't say the same of them!

Once we reached the top of the mountain, I tried to convince them we could walk down or at least climb up a little more and then come back down to the chair; but they were all still in shock from surviving that after a few photos they were ready to go back down to civilization.  Love their adventurous spirit.

We had such a great day at Copper Mountain and while we didn't really challenge our self on the mountain itself,  I think next trip we will be a little more prepared.  I'm thinking picnic in the "bowl" at the top and maybe we'll even walk all the way down! 

A perfect day like this could only end with a great New York Style pizza at Jersey Boys in Dillon!

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