Thursday, August 9, 2012

Our Day In Frisco

In addition to a wonderful worship experience in Frisco, we enjoyed a fabulous day wandering the town, enjoying a leisurely brunch, and planning out the rest of our week in the mountains.  A prefect beginning to our entire family being together again.

 A few of the locals suggested that we try out the Butterhorn Bakery on main street for our brunch; and boy did they know what they were talking about. Our only mistake was that we decided the storm clouds overhead would hold off until after we finished our lunch on the outdoor patio.  Blame it on the fact that at home we hadn't seen rain since June! 

We were so happy to see rain that we didn't mind the soaking we got huddled up under the umbrella; Miss A and Miss M did get a little chilly however so the waitress brought us a couple of raincoats for them to get warm under.  Mr C said it was all worth it when the owner brought us a half dozen of their famous cookies to take home!

After lunch, we toured the Frisco Jail at the park dedicated to the founders of the town.  Miss A thought it was hilarious that she could act like the sheriff and lock up her dad and sister.  She didn't like it as much when she was behind bars.  We all decided that while we were glad the gold miners settled in Frisco we weren't convinced any of us would have survived if we were in Frisco back in the beginning.  We are wimps.

A little window shopping and walking about town brought us to the Sweet Shop where a Sunday Afternoon concert was happening out back.  It was the perfect excuse to stop for awhile and enjoy a little ice cream.  Sitting on benches listening to some great jazz music is what vacation is all about!  No need to rush anywhere.

With our afternoon in Frisco over, we headed back to Keystone and little swimming at the pool and Olympic watching ! A perfect day.

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