Monday, August 13, 2012

Georgetown Train

There is a cute little mining town just past the Eisenhower Tunnel that I had visited a number of years ago and thought it would be a fun place to take a trip into yesteryear in Colorado.  Georgetown boasts the finest Narrow Gauge Loop Railroad of it's kind. Constructed in 1884, this is the same train line that miners took to get to the silver miners back in the late1800's from Silver Plume to Georgetown.

We rode along in an open rail car and got to experience what an engineering masterpiece this narrow three feet gauge line really is.  How amazing that the designers realized that due to the elevation the steam engine trains would need to "loop around" in order to make it up the mountain.  The spectacular views of the mountains and the valleys in this beautiful area were well worth our morning excursion. 

Once again, we were convinced that there was no way any of us could have survived living in Colorado during the Gold Rush/Silver Mining Era.  No wonder so many didn't make it past Omaha. I'm thinking our family was born at for such a time as now! 

The train stopped in Silver Plume (a town that is according to the conductor is only "open" on weekends) and then the train engine switched places and we went back down the mountain to Georgetown.  Traveling along the rail lines we realized why our ears popped and car protested the incline going up the tunnel.  What a climb!

After a great train ride, we took a little stroll around the town of Georgetown including a visit to a Scandinavian shop where I had purchased a bib that said "Lil Norwegian" for Miss M when she was a baby while I was on girls only weekend with some relatives.  What a perfect little excursion!

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