Friday, August 17, 2012

Birthday Celebration and Bucket List

Thankfully Miss A loves to celebrate her birthday since it seems like we celebrated her 8th Birthday a few dozen times in the last month.  Of course for her actual birthday, we couldn't just pretend we were over with the fun so we crossed yet another item off our Summer Bucket List.  Our family (minus dad who was back to work after a long vacation) went to a mini golf course and watched Mr C school us in all things golf.

In other words, we tried our best and Mr C used this outing as a way to practice his short game.  Miss A, however, is a good enough sport that she didn't let a little friendly competition get in the way of an afternoon of fun.  When Mom threw in a trip to Sonic for Happy Hour, she quickly forgot how much the girls were crushed by the real golfer in the family.  I keep telling Mr C that if I had time to play a few rounds of golf a week and have lessons with a PGA professional I too could be good at golf once again!  That's my story and I'm sticking to it!!

After our afternoon of fun, it was time for a little birthday party fun with just our family.  Thanks to Nana's fabulous baking skills, Miss A had homemade German chocolate cupcakes and her mother's favorite bakery provided the Chocolate Cake. Let's just say that we had a fridge full of chocolate goodness for a few days!  The kids have never been happier.

Of course, it's not really a birthday party without presents.  Even though Miss A had already "opened" most of her presents in the previous celebrations, there were a few gifts that she was thrilled not to miss out on including a new dress, a soft comfy pillow, and some other Barbie goodness. This girl has been spoiled.  Good thing she's so appreciative and so cute.

We are so thankful that Miss A joined our family eight years ago.  It's hard to imagine our life without this little spitfire.  Happy Birthday Sweetie.  Now let's wait another year before we celebrate again!

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