Friday, August 10, 2012

Family Canoe Trip: Who Knew?

I'll be the first to admit it.  We are not really an outdoor family.  Sure we like swimming in the Lake, playing golf and watching our kids play softball/baseball and soccer, but we don't really do the whole camping/outdoor adventure type things.  However, when you are surrounded by moutains and lakes and trails, you just really have to go all out and do things you wouldn't normally!

This explains why on Monday morning we got up early and packed our lunches/water bottles for a day on Lake Dillon for a family canoe trip. Now I'll admit I planned on staying on dry land and taking pictures, but when we got to the Marina the kids begged me to come along.  Thus, we don't have a lot of pictures. I might be willing to go on board a canoe, but I'm not foolish enough to bring a fancy camera on board. 

The joy of having five family members; we need more than one canoe.  We divided up boys and girls;  me and Mr C (with Miss A in the middle enjoying the ride) and P and Miss M in the other. Now, if I were to do this again, I'd go out on the water with my husband and leave the three kids to fend for themselves. 

Let's just say that Mr C for all his "Boy Scout" experience is not a good captain.  I believe that I did most of the rowing on our boat and saved us from tipping or running on dry ground more times than I can count!  According to P, our son was enjoying the ride a little too much.  Add to the fact that Miss A kept rowing against us and it was fun trip.  No wonder we don't do this very often!

Our two hour tour took us to a few islands, around a fun cove area and along the shore.  It was perfect for us to experience the canoe without wearing ourselves out.  Our only suggestion is that next time we are all wearing sand shoes and maybe we'll sign up for the four hour trip expecting to stop along the way for our picnic lunch.

For our maiden voyage, I thought we did very well!  No one stood up; no one got wet and we arrived back on shore with all members and all the oars.  Who knows maybe we are all outdoors family after all.  We had a few more mountain adventures up our sleeve for this week!

We then enjoyed a picnic lunch at the park before heading off to hike a little along the lake at one of my favorite spots: Swan Mountain Road!  There really is no other place or view like there is right  here! 


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