Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Summer Vacation: Boulder, It's a Little Bit Liberal

For our second day of vacation, we decided to have a little adventure before heading up the mountain to our condo.  P and I both thought it might be fun to visit Boulder; home of the University of Colorado.  Considering both of us come from Big 12 Universities and the Buffalo have been bitter enemies with our Alma Mater, we thought it was rather big of us!

Our drive into Boulder was absolutely beautiful.  The Iron Range is stunning.  We even pulled off at a scenic overlook to take a closer look at the geography of the area.  How amazing is God's creation.  Each of us kept pointing out the window at the stunning view from every side.   "Look at that Mom" "Wow that's amazing"  "You sure don't see that back home!"  and of course " Wow there are a lot of Colorado license plate options; it's hard to play the license plate game here!"

Walking the  CU Campus, you just couldn't believe the view of the Mountains and the Iron Range.  Everywhere you went the beauty was behind and in front of you.  I told the girls that the view from the NU Campus in Lincoln is rather dull.  Of course P wasn't willing to say that Austin was anything but stunning.  Something about the Hill Country and Bluebonnets.

Now I must admit that our little Republican selves were a little overwhelmed in Boulder.  We all felt a little guilty for driving our car around town, considering that most everyone was on bikes and the traffic was horrific.  Don't get me wrong, we enjoyed our visit and the walk along Pearl Street was fun.  It was just a little bit out of our comfort zone.

One of the funniest moments was walking along Pearl with a contortionist street performer, a women pushing a piano down the street, and rain gently falling from the sky. One woman stopped P and asked him to sign a petition to take "big money" out of politics.  She looked at him with a stunned face when he said that he was in favor of "big money" though I don't think she noticed the smirk on his face.  But even more so, I think the four of us were just amazed at the site of rain.  At home, we had not seen percipitation in over a month.  Amazing.

After a few hours in the foothills, we began our trek up the mountain to our condo and the beauty of the mountains was overwhelming.  Since this was their first visit, the girls were in absolute awe, every turn in the road, every sign of falling rock, and truck runaway lane gave them something new to experience. There is something about "seeing" the Mountains through their eyes. It's almost like seeing it for the first time all over again.

Our fun is just beginning!

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