Sunday, August 12, 2012

Tackling Fears and Soaring Heights : Copper Mountain (Part One)

Another day of vacation, another adventure; this time the venue included bumper boats, go-carts and mountain climbing (in more ways than one) plus a visit with two of our favorite people!  Can you say stellar day?

It had always been our plan to go to Copper Mountain to visit our friend N and her adorable little boy Mikey.  However, when we found out that the Adventure Park at Copper included all kinds of fun things for "boys and girls" of all ages how could we not spend the whole day at this beautiful mountain resort.

While our little buddy was taking his morning nap, P and the kids were in the bumper boats (aka vehicles of mass destruction) getting soaked by the water guns and the huge fountain.  It was a little chilly to be drenched but no one complained. I think they were having too much fun ganging up on poor dad!  Let's just say that a certain Miss A has a some killer instincts and her teenage brother could not be more proud.


After the crew dried off a little, it was off to the highest elevation Go Kart race in the world or at least that's what the manager said.  Miss A was riding shotgun with P and the big kids were going solo.  We told Mr C not to think that he can drive like that in our vehicle or he'll be paying his own insurance next year when he gets his license.  Miss M appeared to be having a great time until I saw her face up close in the camera; poor girl was petrified and nervous.  She said that the go kart was going "too fast" for her and she was afraid she was going to spin out of control.  I think she was very grateful to see the checkered flag waved for the final lap.

Mr C, of course, was more than willing to go again around the track!

Our next form of fun was the Diggler bike that the kids used to get to N and M's condo a few blocks away.  Miss M is already figuring out where we can buy one for her as a Christmas present, while her younger more sensible sister believes they are a little dangerous.  Isn't it funny how the brave bumper boater is the fearful scooter rider.  Fickle I say!

We then had great lunch with N at her condo and got to catch up all things golf, Mikey and family; I've been privileged to know this lovely young woman since she was a little girl and we just love her. Getting to see all three sisters on one trip was priceless.  We missed seeing N's husband and would have liked more time with all of them, but there is always next year!

Since N is a PGA professional she and Mr C were talking clubs, lesson,s and the upcoming golf season.  Maybe when Miss M comes out next summer to nanny for N's nephews, Mr C could come out and take some private lessons. 

Mikey, of course, quickly became the star of the show.  Miss M once again took on the role as the helper and we got to see how the littlest golfer in the family knows exactly what to do with a golf ball; drop it right in the cup and clap!  I'm thinking this kid has a future in the PGA.  Until then, though, Mr C is willing to take him along on his golf round, but only if he'll drop it right in the hole when it's on the green; no need to putt.

Getting to see great friends/family and enjoy the great beauty of the mountains which can't be beat; but the fun was only beginning.

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