Sunday, August 19, 2012

Back to School Front Door Wreath

It's like an addiction. I'm trying to come up with a new front door frame for every new "season" or holiday.  I blame it all on Pinterest and the cute front door decorations on the houses in our town.  My husband, of course, says it is just that I'm the happiest when I have a project going. If that were the case between all my volunteer jobs, I should be in seventh heaven with all the "plates I'm juggling."

In all honesty, I just love to see something fun on my front door and I'm not willing to pay a boutique price to make that happen.  I'm the girl who has been known to walk the aisles at Von Maur or some arts and craft store and sneak a photo of something I want to duplicate.  Maybe that does make me an addict!

This adorable Ruler Wreath is something I found on Pinterest and then read about on a blog.  I loved how fun and easy it seemed, no sewing, no artistic talent needed.  My only complaint is that the directions were all in photos with very little explanation meaning I just had to guess what the steps actually were.  Which in this case meant I started the project with a wooden circle frame as the base and then finally figured out that the frame was an embroidery hoop.  Good thing Michael's does exchanges.  

After I got all the right supplies (hoop, tons of rulers from the Target back to school aisle and my trusty glue gun), I was ready to go.  Thankfully, Mr C and my husband were helping on an Eagle Scout project and I was able to convince them to use the fancy table saw to cut my rulers in half. Perfect.  The rest of the project involved gluing the rulers to the hoop and then watching it all dry!

My perfect type of project; just a little work for a lot of results.  I added a few "school" clip art pieces to the rulers to add to the theme and it was all ready to grace the front door for the start of the school year. If only the kids were as easy to get ready for the new school year. I wasn't ready to say goodbye to summer just yet so there were a few more surprises still up my sleeve!

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