Thursday, August 9, 2012

Worshipping in the Mountains: I am Blessed

Worshipping God in the Mountains is unlike anything else.  What a blessing it was to our family to be able to go to Sunday Morning worship surround by the majesty and beauty of the mountains, to hear the word preached, and to join in the singing of songs of praise.  It's hard not to see the hand of God at work when you are surrounded by the Mountains and are sitting in the pew with your family during a week of rest!

As we were singing, Mr C commented that the "photos they used as background for the words on the screen were probably taken right outside!  Not like at home where a mountain view could only come from a stock photo." 

Makes you realize how God uses His creation to stir in you the desire to worship Him!  You can feel His presence everywhere in the mountains. 

I can tell you that sitting in church in Frisco Colorado I could feel God at work on my heart.  He reminded me of how blessed I am to be His, how faithful He's been to me, and how my heart is overwhelmed by His Mercies.  How blessed I was to be able to have a husband and three children and ever more that we could all be soaking up this Colorado fun together.

I love this song by Rachael Lampa "I Am Blessed" and now whenever I hear the verse about the Mountains I can take my mind right back to that little church in the heart of the mountains!


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