Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Keystone Village: Our Little Home Away from Home

We loved our condo in Keystone. It was perfect for our family, just the right size, a quiet location with a gorgeous view of the mountains, and a pool that we had nearly to ourselves every night.  It was just what a vacation was suppose to be; relaxing, bonding and without the day to day stress of life.  Sure we fixed some easy meals, did a few loads of laundry and had to remind people to turn off the Olympics and go to bed, but those things actually made this stay more like home and easier to manage.

Our only wish was that we had found the little village shops near us before our next to last day of the trip.  Who knew?  However, that didn't stop us from exploring around and having fun.  Next trip, we'll know a little more about our surroundings and be ready for even more adventures.  Who knows, maybe I convince my little family to make a trip during ski season sometime and we can trek on the trails with snowshoes and skis.  I'm not holding my breath.


We loved our walk along the creek in Keystone. Jumping over sticks, creating our own path in the water and finding time to "Tebow."  Hey, Tim used to play for the Broncos!  Miss M and Miss A were a little disappointed that at no time in our trip did we run into any mountain lions, grizzly bears or wild animals.  Their mother, of course, was thrilled that they stayed far away; nature and animal lover that I am.

I tried to convince P that we could sneak a few wooden Adirondack chairs into our suitcase; but he shot my idea down and I had to just soak up as much time as possible on the front porch.  Cool Colorado mornings and breathtaking views from the porch, who would want to leave?

We did have one solution for not wanting to leave Keystone; we threw the kids in the city jail. Sadly, they used their brute strength to get out from behind the bars. 

We had a great trip to Colorado and one that we are considering repeating new year.  The memories we have from this trip will certainly be the tales of family lore in the future.  That's what its all about!

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