Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Mile High City Visit

Our third day on vacation started bright and early!  Like really early. When we left the condo a little before six, Miss A informed us that the sun wasn't even up yet in Colorado!  We were on the road down the mountain to Denver to pick up Mr C who was done with camp.  We would then meet up with our good friends for a day of fun in Denver.

At least that was the plan.  Minutes after we drove through the Eisenhower Tunnel, Mr C called to say that his bus got stuck going up the mountain to Woodland Park and that he had no idea when they would be leaving.  Too late for us to turn back.  Guess you could say that our "best laid plans" were now up in the air and that the juice and muffins we had in the back of the car for 68 High School students were now no longer needed.

Thankfully, we are able to adjust plans.  We had donuts once in Denver, went to Walmart and did the majority of our grocery shopping for the week, and then still made it to Mr P and Mr T's micro soccer league.  We got to spend the morning with our good friends (who are essentially family) for the day and thankfully, they were flexible to allow us to come over and hang out while we waited for Mr C's bus.

As a surprise, we planned a little outing to the Denver American Girl Doll store to allow Miss A to pick out her birthday present from us; a "Just Like Me Doll" who she chose to name Jessica.  It was fun to take Miss Katie (I'm her first babysitter) with us and introduce her to all that is AG.  Since she only has nephews, it was a whole new world for her.  She might have been a little shocked, but at least I convinced her not to buy the girls the $300 baby blue convertible!

However, that didn't stop her from spoiling the girls with little gifts; including the most adorable matching pj's for Jessica and Miss A that she's essentially worn every day since.  Miss M's cute high heel shoes for her dolls were put in use immediately too when Jessica sported them on the trip.  Love this young lady and her sisters!

Our final Denver stop was lunch with the whole crew at Hacienda Colorado which is not only P's new favorite Tex Mex restaurant this side of the Rio Grande, but a great place to finally meet up with C.  I think that Miss Julie was a little shocked at how TALL he's gotten lately.  Guess she didn't believe that her former Ring Bearer could be nearly six feet tall.  Lunch was also the perfect place for Miss M to find her newest "boyfriend" Mr Tommy.  I think that Miss M has a standing invitation to be a mother's helper next summer for Pete and Tommy.

All in all it was a fabulous afternoon in the mile high city.  Great friends and great memories and the reuniting of our family.  Now the vacation could really begin.  Miss A and Miss M told their brother that the trip back up the mountains would be one he couldn't imagine.  According to them, it was like driving into paradise.  While he might have been in the mountains for the past week near Colorado Springs, this trip to Keystone would be amazing.

It's hard to imagine a better start to this family adventure!

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