Monday, February 20, 2012

Seasonal Decorating the Front Door: St Patrick's Style

I'm not really one for seasonal decorations.  I don't redo my fireplace mantel every month, though I do ogle over those who do it with gusto.  I put up fall decor in September and replace it with Christmas decorations after Thanksgiving.  That is because it's sacrilegious to decorate for Christmas before Thanksgiving.  One holiday at a time.  However, the day after Christmas, I start to get itchy to get my house back in order and take down the tree and return my home to "normal." 

One exception to the holiday theme decorating is my front door.  In years' past, I've had numerous wooden or metal signs, frames, hearts, American Flags etc.  My only handmade item was a beautiful quilted Christmas hanging that my mother made.

Last year, I ventured into wreath making; and made one for the Spring and another for the Fall.  They are the perfect amount seasonal/fashionable and fun.  Since then, I made a burlap Heart for Valentine's Day (and have plans for the Easter Season and Summer swimming in my head).  However, the next season that I really needed some decor for was St Patrick's Day.

Now you might be curious why a Norwegian/German/ English family (my husband would like you to know he's not the mixture-he's 100 % Norwegian, I'm the Mutt) would celebrate a traditional Irish Holiday.  We aren't even Catholic!  However, as Norwegian as my husband is, he was born on this completely Irish Holiday.  He's a St Pat's Birthday Boy! Mr C is a March Baby too; born on March 20th! 

If that isn't enough reason to decorate our door with the Irish Flare, I don't know what is! Plus, I found some adorable fabric in green and white that would make a great wreath.  All this to say our Front Door it is now all Irish.

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