Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Winter Time Fun: Visiting a Museum

Winter boredom can arise even when the weather outside is mild and your plate of "to-do's" is long.  There is just something about being trapped inside most days that makes you feel a little stir crazy.  To conquer that winter dull, we try to break things up a bit and take family outings. 

Saturday, after a morning of rearranging M's room (more to come), we snuck the kids out to Chick fil A and a visit to the big city Museum that had traveling exhibit of costumes from the Movies.  Real Movies. Epic Motion pictures.  Miss A had been begging to go see a stunning Red Ball Gown for months. Miss M, who loves to doodle and sketch, thinks fashion design might be cool to look into as a career. Mr C, well he doesn't share any of his sisters' interest in costuming which is why we "whisked" the kids away without telling them our destination!

We figured that lunch at Chick Fil A would buy us some time at the Museum.  We know the way to a teenage boys heart!  Thankfully, Mr C is such a good sport.  He found his own fun at the Museum.  He not only dressed the mannequin. but also tried his hand at the old ties; everyday experience of tying a necktie really helps. Mr C also talked his sister into buying some candy at the Old Fashioned Soda Fountain.  You see, food really is the way to a young man's heart.

We had a fabulous afternoon outing at the Museum and finished our day with the girls watching "A Tooth Fairy" while having a sleepover and the big kids watched "Moneyballs." Perfect.

Love a boredom buster day!

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