Monday, February 6, 2012

Sisters Sledding

The title sounds likes an 80's Hard Rock Band, but in actuality, it's just two sisters having a blast at sledding down the hill at the school yard.  Dad took the girls up to the school on Sunday afternoon and there was much rejoicing in the land!

Miss A and Miss M had a wonderful few hours of going up and down the hill at the school yard sleds in hand.  According to P, there was much giggling and screaming and jumping of moguls.  The girls were thrilled to see that a group of boys who had been there earlier had set up a fabulous "jump" on the hill.  According to A, the "Air" you could get was out of the world.  Miss M might have even tried skiing a little bit. 

Maybe we should take these kids skiing!!

As a bonus while Dad was keeping an eye on the girls, he cleaned out the inside of my van and even found my sun glass clip!  Of course he also found the battery charger for the camera that I had lost last month.  Sadly, I'd just replaced it days before!

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