Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Poor Poor Walter....

Poor Walter.  Our friendly snowman must have gone wandering on Sunday night and decided to take a siesta on the driveway.  Sadly, when P left for the office on Monday morning, he didn't see Walter (guess it was still dark outside) and ran him over.

Now my husband is not a cold blooded killer, I'm sure it was purely an accident. My children, however, are not so convinced.  Their first reaction (besides tears and wailing) was that they always knew Dad hated winter.   They think his "burnt orange" blood has infected him so much that he would even kill a snowman!

Dad came home from work that night full of remorse and was apologetic.  He claims that Walter must have blended in with the little dusting of snow on the driveway and he never saw him. 

We've all learned a lesson.  Next snow, we are going to have to tell our snowmen friends that nighttime journeys around the neighborhood are not allowed!

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