Monday, February 13, 2012

Knitting Projects Await Me

In January, my favorite knitting shop has it's annual sale with 20% off all in-stock yarn.  This year, I took advantage of the sale to stock up on my supply. In addition to having a little stash of "craft money" ready, I was blessed to receive a gift certificate to this very shop for Christmas from a dear friend.  Yes!

While in my mind I was dreaming of all kinds of new projects I'd love to knit, I was worried that I didn't have the skill set yet to carry them off.  After talking with the staff at the knitting store ( I love these people, they are so very helpful), I think this Spring I'm going to take a "class" and make a felted purse while I sit in the store and have ready hands to help.  I think it will be my birthday gift to myself.

This year, I decided that I should really make some blankets for two little girls I know.  You see thus far I've made six blankets and only one of those actually stayed in our house. The rest were all gifts.  How I wish those first two blankets I made (oh, they were bad) I could take back and remake, but thankfully since they were both baby gifts they probably were destroyed by spit up anyway! 

I decided that Miss M and Miss A really need their own blankets.  I'm using patterns I've done before.  That way they should be easy and faster to make.  Miss M is getting a basketweave blanket and Miss A is getting the Blythe Blanket pattern I used this spring for a baby blanket.  Each girl is getting her blanket in her favorite colors and I've promised I'll have them done by their birthdays.  Lord willing!

For my final project, I picked up some great woolly yarn in hopes of making an everlasting scarf.  I have this great pattern that mimics a Gap scarf sold this year.  The problem is that it's a 1purl / 1 knit pattern and the fact that I knit Continental style and purl English throw style makes it very complicated to switch back and forth between the two styles.  I'm hoping that my mother in law can teach me how to purl the "right " way this March.  Sadly, my muscles and brain are slow learners ( just watch me at the gym and you'll know it's true) so I don't know if I can.

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Anonymous said...

I am so proud of your knitting achievements - wish I lived closer to you. I like best to knit socks and mittens (and of course, hats) because they are fast and easy for me. Right now I am using up all my sockyarn ends and knitting mittens for the food pantry children. They look like Joseph's coat of many colors!!!
Love bestemor