Thursday, February 16, 2012

We "Rocked " The Valentine Box This Year

I would say the Dad and Miss A really knocked it out of the park this year making the Valentine Box for school!  Having been at the school now for nine Valentine parties, we kind knew that some people go way out to decorate boxes for the classroom exchange.

When Mr C was in 1st Grade (his first at the school having only moved to our school in April the year before), I had just sent a small brown bag with his name on it and few stickers. Thankfully, we were actually out of town on the day of the party or it would have been shameful.  There were rockets, robots, Hummers and army tanks that looked like they could take over the island of Manhattan.

The next year, we wised up a little and Mr C had a great box (in our eyes) and in the coming years he'd have a Bi-Plane, a Launch Pad, and a Rocket Ship.  Miss M's First Grade box really rocked: A Flower Garden with pencils as the stem and foam flowers on top.  It was stunning.  So much so that we convinced her to use for 2nd and 3rd grade too. 

In fourth grade, Miss M protested and said the flowers had all died so Dad and she made a fabulous Pink Pig. It was so adorable. Last year, Dad was hoping that Miss A would want to copy her sister and carry on the Pig. Yeah, not so much.  So we made an adorable IPOD with a play list that rocked.

This year, however, Miss A and Dad made the box to rival all others.  They made an acoustic guitar.  It was so Rockin' that Miss A said she'll use it for 2nd grade and maybe 3rd grade.  Some of her friends said that she must have some real creative parents.  It was fabulous.

Thanks to a large box of Russell Stovers candy we'd gotten for Christmas from a neighbor, we had the perfect box to carry off this large item. Throw in an old wrapping paper roll, black duck tape, fasteners, embroidery floss and some poster boards and it was a box to be showed off.

Miss A said that she was so proud of her box and her Dad.  When we delivered it on Monday along with her "I dig you" shovels (handmade by mom) and Fun Dip and heart pencil sharpeners, she had a smile on her face that was contagious.  She loved it all.

The only complaint was that it doesn't really play music, but it sure looks good.

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