Thursday, February 16, 2012

Valentine's Day: Chinese Takeout is a Winner

For the past 14 years, give or take (minus one time when we were traveling over the 14th), we've ordered Chinese Takeout for the family for dinner on Valentine's Day.  It all started when Mr C was a baby and P and I celebrated with a nice dinner out a few days before Valentine's Day.  We wanted to do something with C on the actual day.  P suggested that we order in Chinese Food.

Chinese takeout on Valentine's Day is now our family tradition!

While we go out to eat a few times a month (maybe once or twice a month is more accurate), we don't really do take out dinner very often with maybe the occasional pizza  If we are all home for dinner, I normally cook a real meal.  Making take out dinning a real treat, this year I even had plastic plates and silverware so that the mom (or more likely the dad) didn't have to do the dishes afterwards.

We did have formal stemware on the table because in my kids mind it's not a special occasion if there isn't Sparkling Apple Cider to drink.  P and I shared a lovely bottle of Pinot Grigio from our fabulous wine store, Trader Joe! 

Another great family tradition that we have between February 1st-14th is a secret valentine that we do special things for such as leave treats on their bed, give extra hugs and kisses, and all over share the love!  This year I got smart.  On the same day we drew names from a bucket, I had a bag of small little candies, note cards, stickers, and toys that you could take anything from and give away.  That way those with little resources or access to "stuff" weren't burdened with coming up with ways to trick mom into going to the store!  

I speak from experience.

It's fun to see on Valentine's Day who our special friend has been these past two weeks.  Amazingly, the "doing" must have stepped up a little this year as two of five were convinced I was their person!  Miss M told dad she was shocked he was her secret valentine as "the gifts and cards were so good I thought it was Mom for sure!" 

We had a fabulous dinner and conversation around the dinning room table.  While we had our celebration end a little early in the evening to fit in BB practice and dance, we still  had a chance to enjoy opening cards from Grandparents and each other.  We had a huge laugh over the Spanish card that Mr C got and the fact that both Mom and Dad and B & B gave Miss A the same exact Hallmark card.  It was a perfect way to celebrate Valentine's Day! 

The kids were thrilled with their gift: Mario and Sonic at the London Olympic Games for the Wii.  We'd enjoyed the winter games so much we can't wait to try our hands at gymnastics, track, and equestrian.  Mom was thrilled that she scored this game at Walmart on a price match and saved 8 bucks!  Wow, the bargain shopper comes through.

To finish off the evening, we enjoyed some pineapple and strawberries with chocolate sauce.  You've got to have chocolate on Valentine's Day right?  At least that is the thought of some members of our family.  I'm still more of a jelly bean and Chuckles girl!

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