Monday, February 13, 2012

Minds vs Mines: It's Only One Letter Away

Mr C and few of the boys in his freshman class meet with a recruiter from the Air Force Academy last week after school.  The recruiter was there to talk to the boys about what they needed to do now if they hoped to gain entrance to the Academy for college.  I love that not only are these boys thinking ahead, but that the school had the foresight to line something up now so that they arent' scrambling their junior and senior years.

Mr C has always talked about becoming an aeronautical engineer so the AF academy would be a good fit for him if that's still his career dream.  The retired Air Force officer who meet with the boys gave them some insight on physical fitness, team sports involvement, math and science classes, and ways to be involved in the community and school that would look good for admissions. 

The fact that Mr C is going to be getting his Eagle Scout will give him a big leg up.  Let's also just say that the ACT/SAT scores they expect are really high.  I think 98% of the freshman class at the Academy graduated either 1st or 2nd in their High School class. Yikes! 

While Mr C is still considering the Academy and thinks that their programs have among the best to offer him, he's also talked about looking elsewhere.  I was telling him last week about some friends of mine who have siblings who have graduated from the Colorado School of Mines and that they have a great engineering department.  We've also looked at other Aerospace Engineering programs and other engineering schools.
It's still a long way off!  I know it's really not, but I'm not going there in my mind yet.  He's still a little boy! Don't try to burst my bubble.

Anyway after the meeting last week with the Air Force Academy, my husband and Mr C were talking a little bit about the schools in play.  Mr C told his dad that he's going to start looking into the Colorado School of Mines to see what they have to offer.

Mr P said that would great, he's always dreamed of a Mime in the family.
Mr C thought for a moment and said, "I'm not going to be a Mime, Dad
P shot back "Well, it's just one letter off" 
No C said, Mimes is two letters off"
P retorted, "Mimes is one letter off"
C replied, "No it's two, the "n" and the "d"."
P says, "There is no "d" in MINES, son"
C says, "I thought is was Colorado School of the MINDS, I don't want to work in a MINE!"

I think poor Mr P almost wet his pants from laughing too hard!  I love that boy!

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