Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Glimpses of Real Life

I'm just gonna say it; "My kids are funny."  Now, I am not saying that we are a laugh a minute all day and night, but in all honesty there is a lot of laughter in our home. Sometimes, it's at our own "expense" and other times, it just because they think of the craziest things and then actually say them out loud.  Here are just a few examples:

Example #1:
Miss M  was on the DVR the other day looking for Little House on the Prairie shows on Hallmark and came across the episode where Mary's daughter is killed in a fire at the blind school. "Oh Mom, I think this might be a new episode."

I told her that I thought Michael Landon died over a decade ago so I didn't think so.

She then asked me if, when I was kid, they marked the new episodes of Little House on the TV so you would know. I explained we just turned on the TV and what was on, was on and it was all new (except for that summer rerun time)!

Example #2
I took the girls to the Muppet Movie last week when they had a day off of school. It was an experience because the movie itself is unique. Part musical, part comedy, but all pure fun.  Miss A and Miss M asked me if I knew the Muppets. I said not personally, but explained they were around when I was young.  "No fair, you had the Muppets and Laura Ingalls."

Example #3:
Mr C went to a dance at an all girls school a few Fridays ago.  He went all by himself. Solo. All of his friends bailed on him that day and he was really looking forward to going.  Don't see to many girls at his all boys school!  It was a neon dance and a benefit for children in Africa. Mr C kept trying to convince a friend to go saying that hey "it's girls and its helping little African children get computers; a win win for everyone."  The friend would not budge so Mr C went alone. 

I would never have done that and still won't.  I'm so proud of the young man he is becoming.  He is bold, courageous and ready to have fun no matter what.  Oh, and his neon shirt; bright orange. It read: Jesus Christ Save Me!  (I might not have worn that either)

Example #4:
Miss A, Miss M, and I were driving out to get Mr C from Golf tryouts the other day.  They were giggling and talking about "life." I heard the funniest part of the conversation and almost wet my pants; Miss A first said, "I thought that Kaylee was dating Travis.  How can she like Carson? Is she cheating on two boys!"  Miss M responded,  "Yes! She's a triple cheat."
Now I've changed the names to protect the not so innocent, but I thought they were talking about a Disney show or a book.  Instead, it was real Sixth Grade drama.  When I asked how Miss A, a first grader, knew the parties involved I loved what Miss M had to say; "Geez Mom, she's my sister, we talk." 

We later had a discussion about gossip versus talking, but I love that these sisters are having those kind of conversations.  Sisters.  Friends.

That's real life around these parts; a little crazy, part silly and just innocent family fun.  Wouldn't have it any other way.

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