Thursday, March 1, 2012

Traveling Internet Style across the Prairie

You really can't ever escape it all.  I'm sitting on a double-decker bus traveling across the state of Iowa while surfing the web, checking email, and writing on my blog. Woosa.  It's strange for me.  You know, I am the girl with a cell phone that just calls and texts (and I only learned to text last year) to have instant access to the world. It's as if I never left home.

Now, I'll admit it comes in handy.  I need to "do" a few things today to get ready for a big blood drive I'm helping to organize for some dear friends.  Be Courageous Like Cole and Give Blood!  But it's still a little odd for me.  I don't really understand how electricity works and the thought that I can connect to my corner of the from anywhere is still a little odd.

The girls and I are headed to Chicago for a Dance Competition for Miss M.  We are thrilled that we'll also get some grandparent time (and celebrate some March birthdays) while we are there. For an experience, we are traveling on the Mega Bus which according to my husband is not your grandmother's greyhound. It's really nice with WiFi, Reclining Seats, a Bathroom, and it's super clean. 

Miss A is sitting in the very first row of the bus, top level and taking in the sights, and talking to a nice older gentleman.  Miss M is sitting in the second row watching a movie and drawing. That's me in the third row typing away.  Soon I'll be knitting away while watching Downtown Abbey on the laptop.  I downloaded season one to my itunes account!

Wow. Just reading what I techno geek I'm becoming is scaring me! 

While we are only an hour or so into the trip, I can already say this is the way to travel!  Who knows maybe this summer the girls/Mr C and I will take a quick trip to Chicago to catch the Cubs and the family.  Rumor has it if you buy tickets the day of the trip you can go for as little as $5.  With the price of gas, I can't even get to the kids ballfields for that price!

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