Thursday, March 22, 2012

Spring Break Take Two: I'm Gonna Need a Vacation Afterwards

It's spring break for the girls this week and let me tell you they were convinced that we needed to plan some "fun."  Miss M and Miss A put together a "Spring Break To Do List" of all the activities they hoped to accomplish in five short days.  I have no idea where they get this list making gene! Wink Wink.

On the list were plans for shopping trips, movie dates, pottery making, donut buying, zoo walking, and a few at home activities with crafts, AG dolls and the like. The consistent theme was that the mother would act as Cruise Director and take them to and from events and of course buy said tickets, items, and admissions.

I might need a part time job this summer if this week's escapade are any indication of the summer of fun they have planned.  I'm thinking we might move out to the lake for the summer.  It is further away from "distractions" like Hobby Lobby and the Mall/Movie Theater.

We've been having a great time and I'm pleased to say with two weekdays left, we have accomplished about half of the list.  My laundry and 40 Bags however have suffered. I'll be back on the chore wagon next week.  At least that's what I keep telling myself. These days of wanting to hang with mom and take in the sights as a crew of three are short while the laundry will always be there. 

A very successful week started with new hair do's for spring.  This was quickly followed by a trip to the Mall where we picked up flip flops and spring tops.  We've also gone to see the Lorax Movie and pretended to be "girls in the hood" cause we sported hoodies to protect our hair from whatever lurks in the movie theater seats.  Yesterday, we went to the Pottery Place to create works of art to display in our home and Nana even got to come along.  I opted to knit while they painted because paint and I are not friends.  The girls, however, got the artist gene and I love to watch them create! 

Today, it's cookie baking with Nana, visit to the Park, and then maybe a trip to Walmart (OK, that is for me, but I really need a few things).  We call this the low key day! Tomorrow, it is the Zoo!  Who says you have to leave town to have fun.  Spring Break "staycation" rocks.

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