Monday, March 12, 2012

When the Girls are Away the Boys will Eat Suishi

While Miss A, Miss M, and I were living the life in Chicago, the boys were holding down the fort and having a little fun too.  I was so sad that, while I was gone, a Red Cross Blood Drive was happening at our elementary school that I was helping to organize for close friends.  I love to see people come out and give life saving blood.  It is a gift that really requires only about an hour of time and a little bit of courage.

Saturday, March 3rd's event was honoring our family friend Cole who is fighting Leukemia.  We challenged people to be Courageous Like Cole and give blood.  Boy did they.  The event brought in 66 people who donated over 54 units of blood. Wow!  Thankfully, Mr C and P were able to go up to the event and volunteer.  P gave blood and C helped with the Canteen.

There is just something about community and how these people in our school and city support those around us!  The boys said that there were a number of people who came to give blood for the first time ever.  That's courage.  I loved getting updates via text throughout the day and the pictures that P took brought me great joy.

Of course, it couldn't be all work for the boys while we were away.  Since Mr C was on spring break, he and P had lunch out on Monday (while we were standing outside in cold Chicago, I'm just saying) at an All You Can Eat Sushi restaurant.  Mr C has been begging to go for months and, since the girls would just "die" eating raw fish, they took this opportunity to indulge.  According to both father and son, the sushi was fabulous and for $30 they were full the rest of the day!  Now that's a bargain if you can feed Mr C for just $15 a day.

Mr C is already thinking that this should become a monthly trip for the boys; some serious male bonding.  I wonder if a mother will ever be allowed to tag along?

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