Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Chicago: My Kinda Town

We had a fabulous long weekend in Chicago. Miss A said it was like a little adventure. From the bus trip to Chicago to the Train trip out to the suburbs to see the in-laws, we were girls on a mission.  Part of the mission was just to get all three of us and all our luggage to arrive in one piece! Not an easy task with two tired kids and two huge bags.  Thankfully, there are some kind folks willing to help a poor mom out.

Friday was shopping day!  The girls and I went to an outlet mall and, while we didn't leave with huge bags of things, we did make a little dent in our pockets.  Later, we went to our favorite destination: IKEA.  The girls loved trying out the little rooms and small spaces they had set up with furniture and pretend that they were at their super hip studio apartments in Chicago.  Miss A even sat at a desk and said to leave her alone as she had a writing deadline later that day! 

Of course, still on my "40 bags" kick, I kept salivating over the organizational systems, storage baskets, and jars for stuff.  Thankfully, we were already piled high in our suitcases or I'm sure I would have come home with tons.  IKEA does a great job of making ordinary things looks so perfect that you want to just drop one of their "rooms" right into the middle of your house. No wonder the girls were loving playing "house" in their mock ups!

The real reason we were in Chicago, of course, was for M to compete in dance and take a weekend of classes from teachers from all over the country.  Miss M's team won a silver medal for their tap routine and, while I again had to divert my eyes due to some of the costuming an choreography, I was so happy with our own studios' performance and costumes.  No compromising on our part. Miss M was in seventh heaven taking nearly 10 hours of dances classes Saturday and Sunday.  That girl loves to dance.

It was so fun to have Uncle S and Aunt C join us Saturday night for the performance along with B & B. Normally, this side of the family doesn't get to see the dance recitals so it was a treat for Miss M to have them all in the crowd cheering away.  We even got to sneak M away from the hotel for a nice dinner out to celebrate.  Poor M was so tired that she could barely stay awake! 

It was a fun but quick trip to Chicago and, by Sunday night, we were all a little tired.  Of course, we still had a long day ahead of us; Monday, travel day!

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