Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Checking Items off the List

The girls' list for Spring Break was 10 items long and I'm happy to say that we completed 8 of the ideas listed. By Thursday night, it appeared that we would do all but one of the items on the list; the Flower Garden This was primarily because it's still too early to really look at any live flowers.  However, we decided to postpone Friday's trip to the Zoo and take a trip to Charming Charlies instead.

The mother needed some jewels to wear for the fancy fundraiser on Saturday night and that need trumped the trip to the Zoo. I don't think the girls minded the delay too much, as they both walked out of the store with new "bling" too.  Come to think of it their items cost more than mine did.  I'm not doing this right!

Of course, you can't really decide on the perfect piece of jewelry or fancy flip flops without first making a trip to Krispy Kreme for "Hot and Now" Donuts.  I know that the list only asked for donuts for breakfast and not a trip to the donut store, but we figured "go big or go home."  Miss A claims she's never been to a Krispy Kreme store before.  She might be right, we do deprive our children of these rites of "donut" passage.  Now, she can say she's not only been there, she's worn an awesome hat to celebrate all things donuts.

The rest of Friday was spent waiting for the arrival of the grands from Chicago. We called this week our grandparent bonus week.  First my parents returned from two months in the sunshine, and now P's parents were coming in to celebrate the boys birthdays!  Yeah.  The girls have really missed having these special people around to share secrets, give hugs, and enjoy the spoiling they give out freely.

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