Thursday, March 15, 2012

When Momma is Sick Why Doesn't the World Stop

You know that saying that you don't realize how good you have it until you don't.  That's me last week. After a long weekend in Chicago, I came home and crashed. Literally. I was sick.  In fact, except for the Asian Flu I had over Christmas break my freshman year of college, I can't ever remember being as sick as I was last week.

Walking Pneumonia.

Monday night we got home about ten o'clock and by midnight I was up with a fever of 101 and a throat that was on fire.  Of course, the difference with being sick as a 43 year old mother and a 18 year old college student; I still had a house and family to run.  Poor Mr C was on spring break and had big plans every day with friends and on the golf course.  I had big plans to nap.

In reality, I did very little.  My poor husband who had just covered for me for five days now had a wife who slept and coughed and hacked up a lung all night long while he drove car pool and fixed dinner.  Doing the laundry on Tuesday exhausted me enough that I finally had the strength to put the clothes away on Thursday.  Thankfully, the family is use to digging through clean laundry baskets to find socks and underwear.  At least, the girls and I came home with clean clothes I just needed to empty the suitcases to find them.  I did that on Friday!

Of course, to add a little fun to the week it was Teacher Appreciation week at school and while I was just a helper bee, I felt bad not pitching in.  I even cancelled my volunteer shot at the Book Fair knowing no one would want to buy books from a girl who was shivering with fever and coughing up a lung.  Thankfully, Mr C is self sufficient and you can buy his love with Sonic lunch and trips to the driving range. When Miss A joined us (of course she had two days off this week too), she's content to bring mom some ice water and watch TV. 

Thankfully, by Friday, when I dropped Miss A off at birthday party and Mr C off at the course to play nine holes, I could manage a trip to Target to pick up essentials. My family I think was wishing I could pick up a little energy pill too. Who knew that Mom could fall asleep on the couch before Dad!

It's so nice to be back among the living this week; I'm not quite ready for the life of afternoon naps.  I've got too much to do and a family that needs me.  I'm told that this pneumonia thing could take a few weeks before I get my energy level back.  I think that's a good excuse for afternoons of Hallmark movies and knitting.  I'd hate to get a recurrence! At least that's the story I'm sticking with.

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