Wednesday, February 8, 2012

From Hockey Pucks to Girls with Basketballs, She's Ready to Cheer

Miss A is always up for a sporting event.  I think it comes to her naturally.  When she was an infant, she spent most of her time sleeping in her car seat at her siblings' soccer, baseball and basketball games. She was often the team mascot of sorts and had most of the parents and siblings on the teams ogling over how adorable she was. 

Now of course, she's the one on the field playing both soccer and basketball, but this girl still loves to sit in the crowd and cheer for the home team.  She's a great spectator and if you throw in "snacks," she is very willing to go to any type of "game." 

Miss A had the opportunity recently to spend two nights in row doing just that watching area college teams play their hearts out on the court/ice and cheer along side some of her favorite people.  On Thursday, it was her basketball team watching a local woman's team win a "big" game on the court.  Miss M and Miss A and P and I had a great time cheering and while it's amazing to see how few people come out for women's sports (even a winning team like this on was), Miss A had a great time with her friends and the girls soon became a favorite of the cheer squad that was sitting near us.  Miss A even walked away with a signed poster!

Miss M had a great time at the game too, but left empty handed having tried twice to "catch" a t shirt from the yell squad.  Both missed her by inches.  Rumor has it her softball coach is concerned that she's lost her touch and needs to hit the gym with a glove. At least that is what I thought I heard my husband say!!

Friday night when Dad came home with Hockey Tickets, Miss A again jumped at the chance to go while M and I choose to stay home and watch a chick flick (The Help).  Love that movie and book.

The boys and Miss A, however, were hooping and hollering at the Ice Arena while enjoying waiter service since they were sitting on the club level.  When a fight broke out on the ice, they texted Miss M and I to say we were missing it all!  The pictures that Dad sent our way were a great representation of how much Miss A loves to be in the middle of the action.  Mr C and his friend J were no match to Miss A's cheers.  This girl has gusto for a team!

Gotta love a girl who can cheer for teams in victory or defeat.  A good spectator is a treasure.

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The Lindsey Family said...

Love it! A good spectator isn't so easy to come by. :-)