Monday, June 6, 2011

A Whole New World

I don't really think of myself as a nervous Nell, however, I'll admit when I got an email a week ago from the football coach at Mr. C's future high school about the start of summer conditioning, I really wanted to throw my hands up and say "not my little boy, he's not playing football!"  You can get hurt playing football.  Why couldn't golf be a fall sport?

You see, at Mr. C's all boy high school, you are required to participate in a fall sport as a freshman.  It's a way for the boys to bond and become a part of the school community.  It also serves to boast up the number of player of the team.  At his school, your options are football, cross country and tennis and, since Mr. C has never played tennis and doesn't love running long distances, his choice was to try his hand at football.  He's never played team football, unless you count the neighborhood backyard teams that he's created and played on. 

In other words, he's new to the world of competitive football making me a nervous mother.  Mr. C however is excited yet cautious.  This summer, he'll be participating in conditioning (weightlifting) four days a week and football mini camp once a week.  He'll learn the basics of the sport while making new friends.  According to the coach, a number of the players are out for football for the first time, and he'll be taking them through all the drills to get them ready for fall.

Last week, one of Mr. C's friends who is also going out for the football asked C what he bench presses.  C's response was "that's the position I hope to play." 

I told Mr. C that maybe we could get the doctor to send a note to the Coach saying that Mr. C should not see a lot of action.  I even volunteered to "pretend" he had a history of concussions and shouldn't get hit.  He wasn't interested in getting an out, and, while I love his integrity, I must confess I've been praying for Mr. C to see no more than 1 minute of real action on the field. 

I think he'd make an adorable water boy.  Don't you?

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