Tuesday, June 14, 2011

She's A Little Bit Rock N Roll

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Monday night, Miss A's Daisy Troop went to a local "party zone" for a Rock N Roll Dance Party.  The girls did such a great job selling GS cookies this year that it was time for a celebration and, knowing these girls, they didn't need much of an excuse to party.

Miss A was so excited for the night that not even an exhausting day at VBS could deter her from getting her groove on.  We tried to make her new shorter hairstyle rocker style, rather unsuccessfully, but cute none the less.  Of course, she also insisted on wearing a dress that could twirl a little. 

The Dance Party was a blast. The hostess did a great job of engaging the girls and having just the right mix of oldies and new songs for dancing.  Watching Miss A and her friends perform YMCA and La Bomba was a riot.  These girls really know how to shake it.

I told one of the other moms that this was perfect for this age. They can shake and shimmy as it's still cute and adorable.  Swinging their little hips and wearing cute little skirts and dresses is easy for six and seven year olds. It's the preteen years that get tricky.  I'm not sure that M's friends would have had nearly as much fun due to too much peer pressure to get it just right.

Miss A cracked me up dancing, limboing, and just have an old fashioned good time.  On the way to the party, she had told me she hoped it was more ballet type dancing than hip hop. She didn't wear the right kind of shoes or have the right moves for all that jazz. 

Miss A, I think you have all the right moves whatever you do! 

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