Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Celebrating Mid Summers Night: Early

We are trying to pass along both a Norwegian and English cultural heritage to our children.  When opportunities to impart some traditions from our backgrounds to our children whether in the form of a Royal Wedding or at a Mid Summer's Celebration, we dive in fully.
Mid Summer's is a big deal in Norway. Bestemor has stories from her childhood celebrations in Norway and she and Bestefar had often participated in a Mid Summer' s Celebration in the states.  When we heard that the local Scandinavian clubs were uniting to put on a local Mid Summer Festival, we decided it's something we just had to try out.

It was a perfect evening for the event, except for the crazy Chicago-type winds.  The poor May Pole took a little bit of a hit with the wind, but the Scandinavian Flags were waving proud.  Miss M and Miss A loved seeing the festive native dancers, they enjoyed the kids activities including the face painting, and the fishing for "Swedish fish."

Mr C was most excited to see the Viking Reenactors duke it out and we all enjoyed learning about the various weapons and uniforms the Vikings wore based on their status and wealth.  It was amazing to watch them battle.  Miss A said that she's just glad no one was actually injured in the process.  I love that Mr. C is not afraid of a little Troll.  I'm not sure his youngest sister was so easily convinced he was a good troll.

I think my Norwegian husband loved singing the Norwegian National Anthem in Norwegian and meeting the Norwegian Consul who lives in his hometown Houston. What was most impressive of the ceremony, however, was that while we celebrated the culture and the countries of our "homelands," we also sang the US National Anthem and the American Flag was prominent in the festivities.  . 

Because the Swedish meatballs looked somewhat dry and to continue our cultural experience, we had dinner out at Qdoba and ate fajitas and tacos.  Just call us the multicultural family! 
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