Friday, June 24, 2011

Scenes from Daily Life: Photos from my Phone

I realized today that I have over 300 photos on my cell phone.  Granted, I've sent myself copies of most of the photos, but I found it was such a great snapshot of what is happening in daily life that I just wanted to capture a few of the recent moments.

We went to our Garden Plot today to do a little weeding.  Correction, I went to weed.  Mr C and Miss A walked around comparing our plot and "produce" to other's and trying to figure out what everyone else had planted.  A fellow gardener had offered us some of his Spinach and we took full advantage. In fact, the kids ate some right in the garden.
Mr C has decided he's going to purchase his own plot next year and just plant "salad" fixings.  He wishes there was a way to plant all you need for a BLT, but realizes you can't really plant a pig!  We are farmers, can't you tell.

It will be a few more weeks before we are picking produce from our garden as Miss M likes to call it.

It's been a crazy weather week around these parts. In addition to the flooding that's happening all around us, we had a bad storm on Monday night that caused some damage to our neighborhood.  We were thankfully spared, but our neighbors lost a tree.  A few blocks away, a tree fell on a house.  Thankfully, there weren't any injuries.  The girls and I were home alone and enjoyed a peaceful night in the basement by candlelight as we lost power for a few hours.  I knitted by candlelight, while the girls watched Annie on my laptop.

The scariest part of the whole evening was knowing that Mr C was at the baseball fields umpiring while my husband was at the Boy Scout meeting talking up Mr. C's Eagle Scout project.  The nervous mother in me was not thrilled that C was all alone (all the parents left the field once the sirens went off and it was just C and the Snack Shack manager.) But I knew God had it under control and the girls and I were praying for P to make it fast to the fields. 

We were thankfully spared any damage beyond the electricity and by 11 p.m. that night, the lights were back on.  The funniest part was the next morning when Miss A came downstairs and asked me if we had power yet.  Sadly, I was watching Good Morning America at the time and she didn't see the irony of the question.

Yesterday and today is was so cold that we needed blankets to keep us warm at Miss M's softball game and while Miss A loves to hang out with her friends, I think she was even a little chilly. It was too cold yesterday to go to the pool so we headed to the Library to stock up on some more reading. 

I love this photo of Mr. C with War and Peace.  The story goes that my husband and the admission director for C's high school had Mr. C going for a few weeks that he would need to read War and Peace along with Crime and Punishment over the summer in preparation for the Fall.  Let's just say that Mr. C did not inherit my reading genes and was dying inside over the thought of that much reading.  I think this photo is the closet Mr C will ever come to this deep and big book, unless he's under duress.

Here's a photo of my Knitting Spot on Sunday afternoon.  Notice the adorable knitting bag and how I'm almost done with my latest project.  I love the pattern and can hardly wait to give this to little Mikey.  I think I'll be making another ones of these soon, but first I have to finish my Basket weave Blanket I'm making for myself.

I promise to post photos of the completed blanket when it's all done.  Soon, I hope.

This final picture needs a little explanation unless you've been a passenger in our car lately.  My kids and my husband are obsessed with the game "Yellow." This is where you scream "yellow" whenever you see a yellow car or bus.and then you get to punch the person sitting next to you. Very similar to the slug bug game of childhood.

Let's just say the mother does not love this game.  I don't love that we punch each other ( you can never punch the driver or the mother regardless of where she is in the car) and I'm tired of hearing "red one, green one, yellow" in the car at all times.  Often, I'll be in the midst of talking about a life lesson, or just telling an important story and out of the blue they will yell "red one!" Yikes.  OK, I might be exaggerating the life lessons, but remember I'm the mother and everything I say is monumental.  At least in my mind.

But I had to laugh when Miss A screamed "Yellow One" when she saw this little motorcycle man the other day.  I think that's taking the game a little over the top.  He's only wearing yellow.  The motorized vehicle he's on is not yellow. No fair!

Guess you could say that as crazy as our life is, it's full of laughs too!

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