Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Splash! Summer Bible Study Gathering

I know I've sung the praises of my Mom's Bible Study group before.  I love these ladies, not only for how they hunger for learning more about God, but for what wonderful mothers they are.  In years past, we've tried to get together a few times over the summer at our lake house and this year we tried a new adventure; swimming at one of the mom's backyard pool.

Since it's summer and harder to get everyone's schedule to mesh, it was a small but mighty fun group.  The weather had looked a little questionable in the morning ,but by the time we got together it was perfect for jumping into the water.  I'm not sure that the kids were out of the pool for more than 10 minutes and only then to grab a few cheese balls and snacks. 

It's so much fun to watch Mr. C take on the role of fun older brother to the littler kids. In fact, I think he might have added two new families to his babysitting Rolodex. I love to see what a nice young man he's becoming and, at times like this, I can really see him blossom.

Miss A showed off some of her new swimming skills and not only tried the slide, but jumped off the diving board and had not problems.  She is really becoming a fish.  I think the peer pressure of seeing all the kids having a blast got her psyched up.  When we went to swim lessons that evening, she jumped off the diving board at the pool at least ten times to the shock of her swim teacher and mother!

Miss M was in her element mothering one of the little boys in the group.  He doesn't like to swim so they played a game where he would tell her to dive or throw balls and she was in heaven.  Her compassion and loving ways are a joy to see and gives me hope on "those" days that nothing is going just right.  Guess we need to get that babysitting class organized with the Girl Scouts soon and she might give Mr. C a run for his money.

Finally, it was a blast for me.  I brought along my knitting and just so enjoyed the fellowship of these new and old friends.  It makes my heart so happy to have these great Christian friends that I've found in the midst of my everyday world.  They are so fun, kind, and grounded.  We missed those who weren't able to join us sitting around the table enjoying casual conversation, but trust that next time, we'll have even more join us and we'll be able to enjoy anther sunshine filled afternoon with great friends.

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