Monday, June 13, 2011

Eagle Scout Project: Phase One

It begins.  Mr C's Eagle Scout project is now underway. Thanks to some generous help from a local waterproofing business the Tires are no more. 

Mr. C and my husband had spent a couple of hours a few weeks ago trying with all their might to start removing the tires. Tires that we soon realized weighed about 300 pounds and were firmly planted in the sand and dirt.  Uncle S to the rescue, we contacted one of his clients who owns a big waterproofing business and as such has crew of guys with tools and equipment that could quickly do what our own muscles could not. 

Mr. C contacted the contractor, shared his power point presentation with the company, and expressed his need for help with the project.  Not only were they generous with their time, they complemented Mr. C on his professional plan for the playground.

Lets just say there is no way we could have done this part of the project without them.

On Friday, our "knights in shining armor" aka a Bobcat arrived and spent about an hour removing all six of the tires, and then as my husband explains a "God Thing" happened and they ran out of diesel fuel meaning the equipment was sitting there waiting.  This gave my husband and the principal time to brainstorm about the removal of the Zip Line while the crew went and got more diesel. 

We hadn't even figured out how we were going to remove the huge poles planted in concrete six feet down.  After a few minutes spent unscrewing the support beams, the bobcat knocked down the poles in just minutes.

What a huge blessing.  To top it all off, it was quickly determined that the school district would need to remove and dispose of the tires and poles, a job that we figured we would be left to handle.  Thank you God for going ahead of us in this project and working out details that we hadn't even thought to ask help with.

This is only Phase One of multiple levels and there is a lot of work ahead, but Mr C is moving along.

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