Saturday, June 25, 2011

Ready to Root you on to Victory!

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Even though my husband favorite team was eliminated from the CWS early on (I'm sure they will be back next year), we still love to watch the games, experience the ballpark, and take on Fan Fest and all those crazy challenges. 

Friday afternoon, while Miss M was still at camp, we went as a family of four to the afternoon game between Florida and Vanderbilt.  With a packed picnic basket, Mr. C's wallet filled with umpire money, and a beautiful afternoon breeze, we were having a blast before we even entered the ballpark.

Miss A is easily swayed with mascots and cute color combinations and quickly decided she was  a Gator fan.  It is hard to beat those blue and orange colors and the adorable Alligator.  Even if her brother was doing his best to talk her into rooting for Vandy's black and yellow so there would be an extra game this weekend, she's not easily persuaded.  I think the fact that most of the Florida fans were sitting in our section might have had something to do with her loyalty and the fact that she got to love on the Gator too!

Fan Fest had everything that a kid could want; a soccer kicking game, which A is sure she had the highest score, a home run derby game where Mr C proved that all that weightlifting has produced stronger arms than he thought, and of course the chance to "slide" into home plate and try to beat both mom and dad in a running game.  Mr C thinks that next spring he'll be joining the baseball team in High School since he was a champ at Fan Fest.  I think we should just get through football camp first.

There is something fun about going to a game in which you have no real personal "investment" in the outcome or the teams.  You go for just the pure joy of rooting for the "home team" of your choice and, of course if you are my kids, for the snacks too.  I thought it was hilarious when Miss A returned to the seats with her snack choice for the day only to be shunned by her father and brother for daring to purchase Nachos and not have the jalapenos thrown on top. 

Maybe that's why Mr. C threw out his idea of having a ice cream treat and ended up with nachos smothered in jalapenos.  Guess you could say he's easily swayed too!

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