Thursday, June 30, 2011

Our Little Drama Queen: She Really Rocks the Stage

Miss M at Kids Shine Dressed for the "Hair Dance" ; Waiting her turn at Improvfest; Performing at the Summer Musical last August.

Miss M has a little bit of a drama queen inside. My mother would say she has a little bit of Sandra Bernhard in her, but considering I think Sandra died way before my time, we tend to compare Miss M to Sharpay from High School Musical.  Drama is her middle name and, while this is great when she's on stage, it can be a little much when she's just relaying a story from her day!

Miss M loves to perform.  Whether it's dancing, singing or acting, she is in her element when there is an audience before her.  She just does her thing.  For years, Miss M took only dancing classes and then, when her dance studio offered a Christian musical ministry option, she took advantage of this avenue to share her faith and talent.  While dancing is still her first love, she's really enjoyed venturing outside her comfort zone and trying new things.

Last summer, Miss M had the lead role in the Dance Studio's Summer Musical and she really blossomed in the opportunity to act and narrate.  She loved it.  This fall she tried her hands at Improvisation at the junior high and, as the one of a just a few 5th graders in the show, she just glowed with excitement.

When our church decided to bring in a performing arts summer camp for a week, I knew that this was just the ticket for M.  Last week was Kid Shine week and Miss M loved every minute.  Friday night, the campers performed a Christian Musical fashioned like an old fashioned Radio Program.  Miss M acted, sang, danced, and tried her hands at puppetry. She loved it all.  I think the Dance number with the crazy hair might have been her favorite, but she's thinking she might become a puppeteer someday too.

Miss M had a big crowd watching, in addition to Nana and Papa and our family, Miss M had invited our fabulous neighbors Mr and Mrs. C.  The audience had been prepped to hoop and holler during the performance, to cheer loud, and to show the actors a lot of support.  We did and it was such fun. 

Watching Miss M on stage performing gives me great joy and pride.  I can't wait to see where our actress will stretch her "wings" this year.  I know her role in this year's Summer Musical at the Dance Studio is going to be another success.  Way to go Girl!

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