Tuesday, June 21, 2011

New Digs Same Old Game

CWS 2011 at TD Ameritrade: watching the game on Father's Day;  Dad and Mr. C at the opening game of Texas and Florida on Saturday.  I think Mr. C's face was in sorrow over the Horn's loss. 

I've been attending College World Series Games for nearly all of my life.  As a young child, I was even in command of the binoculars when a "streaker" ran the bases.  Now, I'll admit that there were years that I had my head buried in a book while the action happened around me (There was netting to protect me, I'm a book nerd, and I'm fine with that) and then there were those years when I had a huge crush on the cotton candy man.  I might even have written him a love letter!  Thankfully, my aspirations for a "boyfriend" got  a little higher and my appreciation for the game grew too.

Now, I have the pleasure of watching my kids gain a love for college baseball and experience all that is the CWS.  I tease my husband that he might have married into the family for the CWS season tickets, but in all honesty, he just loves his "Horns" and even I'll admit they make the Road to Omaha more than anyone else.

Spending Father's Day at the new ballpark was my husband's favorite gift.  He even was willing to cheer for that other team from Texas.  Miss A was very confused that not all Texas teams wear Burnt Orange and she wondered if maybe they were sponsored by a bank since their shirts all said ATM. 

I'll admit that I actually spent "game time" at a nearby hotel lobby knitting away. We only have so many tickets to go around and having Nana and Papa share this father's day with the kids and hubs was more important than me watching another baseball game. 

I already have my "cotton candy man" and it's rude to knit while watching a "real" game.

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