Monday, June 6, 2011

Our Type of Camping

We spent the night at the Lake on Saturday and it was the perfect way to end a hectic week.  Relaxation.  No computer or phone to interrupt our peace and quiet and mom even left all her VBS registration materials at home. We needed this time away as it had been a week filled with dance rectal rehearsal and performance, a great aunt's funeral and VBS preparation.  It was a week, according to my husband, in which you could tell I was otherwise occupied.  The laundry and the dust piled up!!

At least I told my husband, you could tell that I wasn't on top of my "home" game.  That at least implies that normally I am on my game.  Yeah me.

Thus, by the time we arrived at the lake on Saturday after A's last soccer game, M's softball game and the end of season soccer party, we were ready for downtime.  I'm not even convinced it took ten minutes for us to leave our burdens at the door and just enjoy freedom and family time.

Mr. C fresh off his Boater Safety Course was itching to drive the boat, Miss M and Miss A were anxious to catch waves at Sand Mountain and the parents were looking forward to just relaxing.  When we came upon the new Sandy Bottoms, a little cove that was recently excavated at the lake with sand volleyball and perfect sandy beaches, it was waiting for us to grace it's shores.

This is what we love about the lake so much, it's as if on that thirty minute journey we leave behind all that has weighed us down.  By the time we get the boat out of the dock and headed to the Marina for both gas and snacks, we've taken on our Lake Persona: No Worries, No Cares, Just Fun.

I tried to explain this phenomenon to my husband on Saturday night over our first s'mores of the season; it's like our way of camping.  We are roughing it for the weekend and just enjoying the simple things of life.   To which P said it was hard to call it camping when you go around the lake on a power boat, enjoy all the comforts of home, queen sized beds, indoor plumbing, and, of course, air conditioning. 

Some might call that living the high life, I call that camping for our family!
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