Monday, June 20, 2011

My Top Four Least Favorite Animals and Other Things

I think sometimes that people think I exaggerate the nuisances of Miss A and that I expand on the funny things she says, but I really couldn't make this stuff up.  Last night, on our way home from the CWS, it was just Miss A and I as the rest of the crew makes it a little longer.  They actually watch baseball and are not just there for the snacks.  Needless to say, it was an hilarious road trip home when you combine an exhausted little girl, the opportunity to talk without anyone interrupting, and a willing listener.  Miss A was in rare form.

My husband had warned me that Miss A was looking for another snack, and when she entered the car, she told me that Dad said you might get me something on the way home,  "You know Mom that Dipping Dot was a rip off, so small you couldn't believe it."  She was starved. 

Rarely, do I fall for the McD, but it was close and I knew they had $1 drinks and chocolate chip cookies, so I fell for the plea.  I think that cookie got her talking so it was worth the money!

Miss A asked me if I knew her four least favorite animals in the world.  No, I didn't.  Her list includes bugs of all sorts (especially those poisonous spiders and tarantulas), tigers (cute when they are babies, not so much when they are older), jaguars (while they are really cute, they are so fast and scary to meet in the dark) and finally snakes (especially those killer ones).  When asked if she'd ever run into any tigers or jaguars in the dark, she laughed at me saying, "Of course not, she lives in a neighborhood."

After we discussed my least favorite animals and figured out that all but one of them rhymed:  cats, rats, bats and bugs, we moved onto various other topics.  Not to leave anything out, we covered her birthday in August, gift ideas, party ideas and, of course, why she thinks we should consider getting her another American Girl Doll.  She'd like a "Just Like Me AG Doll," but not the one with short hair or the the one with her eye color.  According to Miss A, she's changing.  Her hair might be growing longer again and, while her eye color might stay the same, "it's OK if it not exactly like me." 

I'm thinking those cookies were a cheap way to get her to talk.  I wonder if they'd work on Mr. C on those days that he thinks more than speaks, especially early morning rides to workouts when my husband says he's barely awake.

So what are your four least favorite animals?

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Anonymous said...

My least favorite animals:

1) Bugs. Gotta agree with Miss A on that one
2) Big Dogs
3) Deer (I drive at dusk and don't want to meet one)
4) Guinea Pigs