Thursday, June 9, 2011

When Mr C is away the Girls Will Play

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This week, Mr C went on his 8th Grade Trip with my parents to Mall of America for three days.  He returned last night in time for football practice and then headed out again this afternoon for a few days at a friend's cabin. 

You could say it's been a little lonely around these parts.  Both my husband and I have commented that besides missing Mr. C, we are even more thankful that we have a few more years with him around.  Guess the boarding school option is really out for us!

Lest you think that we've been sitting around moping, the girls and I have tired to make the most of our girl only time.  We know that there are just some things Mr. C is unwilling to do as fun as we think they might be.  We've painted our nails, watched some "kids" shows, had dance parties in the family room, and today we went to the mall.  Miss A started swim lessons and, since the heat was near 100 degrees on the first day, we met dad for a before dinner swim at the outside pool. 

Each summer, I have the kids write up a Summer Fun List.  On the list are some ideas of things the kids would like to do; library trips, lunch at a park, shopping at the mall, swimming party at the lake, etc.  We knew that were a few things on our list that Mr. C would balk at; the mall and pampering at home among them.

Today's trip to the Mall, however, might just be one for the memory book.  You see we had no agenda, nothing we really needed it was just an old fashion trip to "window shop" and while Miss M came armed with cash, Miss A had only three dollars and a dream.

We pulled up to the Mall and, as we exited the car, Miss A says "Let's do this!" and off we went.  Only minutes later, Miss M was hit with the reality of just how expensive it is to shop when it's your own money.  At Justice, she gushed over a few things, but quickly saw the price and declared that it was outrageous.  At Claire's, she wished for pierced earring's and was even willing to swallow the price: free until I showed her that you had to buy the "starter set" which wasn't free. No fair says Miss M.

For months, Miss A has been hinting of wanting a new Build a Bear and since I'm not one to give in to such requests and my husband had given the green light to spoil just a little, we finally made our way to bear heaven and both girls picked out their new friends; Sugar the Bunny and Cinnamon the Bear.
Miss M was even willing to fork over the money herself for Cinnamon, but I know how hard she's worked for it and told her it was my treat. 

I'll admit I'm not really a "shopper" I normally go to the store, get what I need, and get out. But today, I enjoyed lingering with my two favorite girls.  We giggled, we enjoyed laughing at various outfits, we dreamed big and bought small, and to finish off our day, we even enjoyed a cookie in the food court.

It's been fun to just be girls for a few days, but I'm looking forward to having our entire family back together later this weekend!

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