Monday, June 27, 2011

Eagle Scout Project: Take Two

Saturday was gravel moving day on the Eagle Scout project.  We'd planned a morning of moving the gravel from the area of the playground that we are installing the new equipment to the other side in hopes of creating a level surface area.  Our hope is that we can now assess how much dirt we need to move into place and where to plan for the digging of the holes for the structures.

Let's just say that when both my husband and I woke up at 4 in the morning to the sound of pouring rain and thunder, we were less than optimistic that the day was going to go off as planned.  When it was still raining at 8 a.m, we started coming  up with plan B.  Thankfully, Boy Scouts have the motto of "be prepared" because most of C's fellow scouts were prepared to move the project back an hour and work in messy conditions.

A great group of boys and dads came up to help with the project and they made steady progress of getting the area cleared and wheelbarrow after wheelbarrow moved across the playground filled with gravel.  Let's just say I'm thinking there were some sore backs and muscles the next day.  Playground gravel is not light, and add a few inches of water to the ground and it's down right heavy!!

While Miss M and I thought we were just on snack duty, we even got our hands dirty and moved some gravel too.  Sweat equity. Of course our snacks of Chocolate Chip Cookie Bars and Pretzels seemed like a great idea when the event was scheduled for 8 to 11, but as the lunch hour approached we soon realized that hungry boys don't work as hard.  Little Caesars to the rescue with their Hot and Now Pizzas.  We got at least another hour off those full stomachs and the project is now ready for the next step; the digging of the holes and installation of the playground equipment.

I think the fact that by Saturday night we were all tired and ready for rest is evidence of the hard work we put into the project.

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