Tuesday, May 31, 2011

It's Offically Summer Now

According to Miss A, it's officially summer now. We've gone swimming both at the lake and at our pool. Now if she could just wear shorts and a tank top everyday, her summer wishes could be fulfilled.

We had a "work day" at the Lake yesterday and even though there was actual work involved and the wind was whipping around the water, all three kids managed to get in the water. Let's just say there was no way I was even dipping my feet in that bitter cold water. It won't be warm enough for me until the Fourth of July.

Miss A was the first to leap in, with her sister tentatively following once she realized Miss A did not become an ice cube. Mr. C was not so easily talked into making the plunge and even though he was at first trying to talk P into throwing the football off the dock, he reneged once he realized how cold it was. Mr. P told him that was wise as the wind was so strong that he wasn't sure he'd be very accurate in his throwing.

I'm thinking the fact that there would be splashing involved for both Mr. C and Mr. P had a little to do with postponing the football tradition. Too cold.

Today, to finalize the summer kickoff, we went swimming at our new "pool" near our home. At the end of last summer, they tore down the private pool we've been going to for the past few years. We cried real tears. All winter we debated our options until we finally came upon the perfect solution that allows us to combine our "health club/workout facility" with our "pool." Now, we can all go together and swim, play tennis or basketball and workout in a fabulous gym.

What we first thought of as disappointment and problem has become a blessing and a fun way to be fit as a family. Miss M said today after swimming that she thinks this might be favorite pool ever and that she thinks we are going to have a fabulous summer swimming.

Welcome summer afternoons at the pool, weeknights on the tennis court, and weekends spent jumping off the dock and making memories at the Lake. Summer we love you.

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